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The performance of your workforce is the single most important contributor to your organization's success.

At Avilar, we understand that a successful competency management system can help realize the potential of your workforce.

Avilar's software products and consulting services help organizations align workforce performance with business strategies and goals.

We offer:

  • Competency-based assessment
  • Competency assessment tools
  • Competency tests

Aviliar's specific products help any business realize competency management:

We can help any business realize their core competencies and maximize workforce potential.

Avilar News

Tagoras, Inc. interviews Avilar CEO Tom Grobicki as part of its ongoing series on Association LMSes.

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Solutions for:
+ Corporate/Business
+ Government
+ College/Institute
+ Nonprofit/Association
+ Online Training Site
- Senior Executives
- Managers
- Human Resources
- Training Departments
Critical Trends
> Identify Skill Gaps
> Identify Leaders
> Deliver eLearning
> Manage Training
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Competency Based Global Talent Management System & Succession Planning

Competency management can help you to achieve your strategic objectives with improved understanding of your workforce competencies, allowing you to plan proactively rather than reactively. A global talent management system with competency modeling allows you to make informed, strategic choices for your workforce, whether you are organizing employees into project teams or determining what skills gaps need to be filled. Competency based assessment is easily the best choice for succession planning and other essential decisions that can determine the future success of your company. WebMentor Skills and WebMentor LMS: Learning Management System are dedicated to providing you with a solid foundation to address the following: Workforce Development, Team Building, Succession Planning, Disaster Response Planning, Performance Management, Recruiting Management, and Pandemic Planning.

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