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CM 101: Competency Models that WORK

Avilar introduces a workshop specifically designed to help you develop a cost-effective competency model that will be the foundation for your success. [More ...]


Competency Management Consulting

Competency Management starts with a solid Competency Model

Implementing competency management can be challenging. Industry analyst Josh Bersin found that, while ...

“86 percent of HR managers believe that competency management is critical to their success ... only 15 percent believe that their competencies are well-defined at an enterprise level.”

With practical guidance from Avilar’s competency consultants, you can successfully implement lasting initiatives that directly address your unique workforce challenges.

Avilar consultants have implemented competency management initiatives in organizations of all sizes and industries for decades, from 50 to over 100,000 employees in the private, non-profit and government sectors. Avilar’s approach is based on two guiding principles. Every concept and tool we use is:

  • Grounded in best practices of talent management
  • Practical enough for contemporary organizations with limited resources to implement quickly and achieve meaningful results

We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all consulting formula. Instead, Avilar’s team of competency management consultants approaches each organization and its unique circumstance as an original project requiring an adaptable and flexible approach.

Services Provided

  • Learning Plan Creation
  • Competency Management Education
  • Business Analytics

Competency Model Development

The foundation of any competency-based approach to workforce development begins by identifying the unique combination of knowledge, skills, abilities and characteristics required for success in your organization and organizing them into a competency model, also known as a competency dictionary. Our consultants are skilled in helping design competency models that will support a number of workforce development strategies. Additionally, consultants are able to validate existing models, integrate existing models into a single model, create a job skills inventory, and do the industry or job-specific competency modeling research necessary to create a functional competency model. Learn more.

Project Management and Oversight

Avilar consultants can assist with any stage of your competency management project plan, from comprehensive plan creation and competency modeling to the analysis and application of data. Each step is an integral piece in the outcome of your competency management project and Avilar consultants will help ensure that no steps are missed while the project efficiently runs forward. Benefit from a full or part-time consultant in a project manager role at your organization, or benchmark in stages with consultant feedback and guidance.

Internal Communication Plans

A successful launch of a competency project requires an effective communication plan so your organization’s employees and managers understand the goals, requirements and outcomes of the project. Avilar consultants have experience working with global organizations that face complex issues to align communications plans to the project goals through strategy and materials.

Learning Plan Creation

Identifying pertinent learning assets to close identified skills gaps is a critical step in taking a competency-based approach to training. Avilar consultants can help inventory, audit, and map your current assets to the skills needs of your organization and identify what new learning assets will be needed. Integrate development plans with performance management initiatives, list core competencies, identify career paths, demonstrate ROI and contain learning program costs by leveraging individual development plans.

Competency Management Education

Few organizations have internal staff with the extensive expertise needed to launch and manage a successful competency management program. Take a workshop or participate in a training course with Avilar consultants and avoid the expense of the learn-as-you-go approach. Apply decades of experience to your project; with Avilar’s practical and adaptable framework, your competency management education will result in a more efficient and grounded competency dictionary and project.

Business Analytics

Avilar consultants are able to transform your competency data into valuable information that executives can use for informed decision-making. Avilar can create reporting portals that display role-based information which can be understood at a glance or drilled into for more detail. Avilar consultants offer decades of experience and insight into analytic results and are perceptive in their application of analysis to organizational decisions.