Competency Management Software

Competency Management System Software

Our comprehensive employee performance and competency management software and eLearning tools can help you test, assess and maximize the potential of your workforce.

Launching a competency management initiative to understand your workforce better is easy. Avilar can take you there quickly and economically.

How do we define "competency management"?

The process is straightforward:

  1. Define the jobs that need to be done and the skills that people need to do those jobs to create a "competency model".
  2. Assess employees' skills to determine how well their skills match their job requirements.
  3. Create development plans to close the most critical skill gaps.
86% of HR managers believe that competency management is critical to their success … only 15% believe that their competencies are well-defined at an enterprise level.”

—Industry Analyst JOSH BERSIN (Bersin by Deloitte)

Maximize employee performance with Avilar's competency management software.”

The Avilar Competency Model

The Avilar Competency Model was developed from decades of work with organizations of all types and sizes. This competency-based performance management tool can be used "as is" or customized to meet the specific needs of your organization.


Simplifying Workforce Development

Skills gap analysis is the first step. It provides essential data to help you evaluate your workforce's potential and create a competency management development plan.

Our full range of tools can help you:

Assess Skills and Deliver Training – A Two-Step Approach


WebMentor Skills™

WebMentor Skills™ is an assessment tool that helps organizations identify, analyze and manage skills gaps within their workforce to drive improvements.



WebMentor LMS™

WebMentor LMS™ is a full-service learning management system and course delivery tool, able to support a single course or a complete online training operation.


Together with our consulting services and implementation expertise, WebMentor Skills and WebMentor LMS make a powerful and complete competency development solution to benefit both your employees and your customers.

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