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WebMentor LMS™ — A Learning Managment System for Small Business


WebMentor LMS™ enables your organization to deliver and track training and tests quickly and easily. Need an LMS that solves problems, not one so complex that it creates more? Ready to create a well-trained organization? Give WebMentor LMS a look.

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“WebMentor LMS is a low-cost, high-value leader.”

Key Capabilities

Blended Learning

Track all learning activities of your employees: web-based courses, instructor-led courses, or on-the-job training

Certification Management

Define and track employee certifications, including printable certification certificates.

Adaptable Learner Interface

Tailor the LMS by turning features on and off, adding external links, and creating a custom "look and feel" to meet the specific needs of your learners.

Course Catalog

Avilar has partnered with top content providers to offer up-to-date, cost-effective web-based training courses.

Support for AICC

WebMentor LMS supports courses published in the popular AICC format. Many LMS vendors claim to support AICC. You can trust that the AICC support in WebMentor LMS is strong. Be a "smart shopper" for your next LMS. When you talk to a vendor who claims to comply with AICC/CMI guidelines, ask for proof!

Support for SCORM

WebMentor LMS was the first LMS to be certified SCORM compliant by ADL. To ensure your SCORM courses will run flawlessly, WebMentor LMS includes a SCORM Debugger Tool to help you analyze the SCORM commands and improve the performance of your courses.

Integration with existing eLearning Portals and other systems

WebMentor LMS integrates easily and quickly with existing eLearning portals and other web-based systems through standards-based web services, scheduled data import/export operations, and customized connnections to meet special requirements.

Rapid Deployment / Hosted or Licensed

Your WebMentor LMS campus can be up and running in as little as one day on Avilar's servers using our powerful Application Service Provider (ASP) hosting environment. If you prefer to install and run the LMS on your own in-house servers, you may license the application.

Assessment & Content Creation Tool

Our free WebMentor Author tool creates web-based courses and tests to support unique learning challenges, organization-specific training, certification support, and training aligned to corporate goals.


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Avilar is a leader in competency and workforce development. We provide web-based competency management and learning management tools, and expertise, for corporate, government and non-profit organizations.

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