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It's likely that the workforce your organization relies on today will not be the same workforce in the future. These days, employees are switching from one job to the next every three to five years. Who will lead the next generation of employees in a successful direction? Where will this talent and leadership come from? There are no guarantees in the future, but the best thing an organization can do to prepare is to identify the existing employees who display the capacity to lead and prepare them for leadership roles.

WebMentor Skills™ — Avilar's leadership development software — helps organizations identify employees with leadership qualities and develop the skills most critical to leadership success.

Employee Development

Define the required skills for success

Are you taking the right steps toward employee development? Start with the Avilar Competency Model or import a competency model of your own that defines the critical skills required for each job role. Implementing a talent development plan will help management understand current skill sets and what skills are needed to bridge skill gaps.


Deliver web-based skills assessments

Employees complete self-assessments, managers assess their employees, or a combination of up to 9 types of relationship roles including peer, subordinate, mentor, customer, and more.

Which employees are the best prepared for leadership roles today?

Use the Skills Search Tool to identify individuals with the highest advancement and leadership potential. Through a career development plan and strategic employee training, organizations can retain talent and plan for succession of leadership.

Of those employees, what skills do they lack and what skills need work?

For the employees with the most leadership potential, identify their most critical skill gaps.

Develop those skills based on the most critical skill gaps

Create development plans focused on closing the most critical skill gaps first.

Respond to changes

As skill requirements change, update the model, reassess, and train based on the gaps.


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