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Competency Management Solutions

Simple, Cost-Effective Ways to Manage Competencies

Whether you need to do a Competency Assessment, launch a performance management initiative, or simply want to understand your workforce competencies better, Avilar can take you there quickly and economically. With our fully hosted solution, you can be managing employee competencies within a few days for less than $10/user/month.

The Heart of Workforce Development

Competency management is at the heart of nearly all workforce development initiatives. Defining competency models for your organization and performing skills gap analysis provides essential data for the undertaking of a range of talent management projects such as:

Avilar’s Competency Management Solutions

Avilar bases its competency management solutions on the principles of practicality, best practices and results. To bring clients outcomes that improve their talent management practices, Avilar provides a range of software and services to confront competency management at all points in the initiative.

Competency Management Workshops & WebShops

Avilar developed its Competency Management Workshops to help talent management leaders develop a cost-effective competency model that will be the foundation in finding their workforce competencies. The complex process is broken into a practical set of specific actions to make the competency management process work for your specific organizations. Learn more about competency management workshops and WebShops.

The Avilar Competency Model

Avilar competency consultants based the Avilar Competency Model on decades of work with organizations of all types and sizes. The model contains over 350 skills clustered in more than 50 skill groups. The model can be used as is or customized the specific needs of your organization and workforce competencies. Learn more about the Avilar Competency Model.

WebMentor Skills Competency Management System

With Avilar’s web-based competency management system, WebMentor Skills, you can easily develop and administer competency assessments, analyze skills gaps and drive workforce development improvements.

  1. Define your competency model.
  2. Assess your employees’ skills.
  3. Analyze the skills inventory and individual and organizational skill gaps.
  4. Take action on the skills data to achieve a number of critical talent management objectives, such as:

Competency Management Consulting

Avilar consultants are experienced in each step of competency management, from the project plan, to the implementation of talent management initiatives based on data analysis. Consultants can assist with a personalized action plan, competency management education, competency model development and/or benchmarking, internal communication plans, pilot projects, WebMentor Skills implementation, competency assessments, performance management integration, project management and oversight, learning plan creation, business analytics, applications of data, to name a few.  Learn more about Avilar's competency management consulting capabilities.

Competency Management Learning Resources

Avilar creates white papers, documents best practices, organizes events and sends out an e-newsletter each month in order to support competency management education. Please visit the following links to learn more on competency management from Avilar’s team of consultants and from the competency management industry.